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Shannon Morton Patterson holding The Spyder 360™ in the Hero Hold™

The Hero Hold™

There are a few unique properties about The Spyder 360™ The key property or visual is the “legs” of The Spyder 360™ and nothing celebrates that more than The Hero Hold™. Here is Shannon Morton Patterson showing us how it is done! Thanks to Matt Andrews Photography for his excellent work. Copyright – Exponent Fitness™   Always consult with your[Read More...]

Due diligence took some time, but after all is said and done it saved us a lot of money when we filed our patents in 2013.

Patent Research

Historical patent research! This 4″ stack of papers are the historical patents that I found when doing a tedious but very important aspect of the product development process, RESEARCH! If another patent existed that covered my concept it would be called prior art. The yellow pieces of paper are separators that define what patents I may reference when preparing our[Read More...]

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Team from photo shoot at Westlight PhotoStudio with Matt Andrews

::: The Spyder 360™ Team :::

This photo says it all, the photo shoot was a blast! We want to hear your feedback about what you see in our video’s of The Spyder 360™! This photo says it all, the photo shoot was a blast! Our Team of Trainers, Coaches, Models, & Fitness Competitors gelled like they had been friends for years. As our effort continues[Read More...]

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