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Spyder 360™ Resistance Band - 15lb Blue

$14.00 $20.97 saving $6.97
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Spyder 360™ Resistance Band - 15lb Blue

$14.00 $20.97 saving $6.97

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Benefits of our Patented Fail-Safe™ Resistance Bands

1.) SAFETY! & Confidence!

2.) Quality Materials Built to Last! No Sharp Edges!!!

3.) Designed to be used with Your Spyder 360's OR Alone!


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What are they made of? Latex, Steel, and Nylon.

Do they come in other Levels of Resistance? Yes! They are available in 10, 15, and 20lb of Resistance.

What's this Fail-Safe™ feature? The Fail-Safe™ feature in our bands will keep you from being hit in the face, eye, groin, or other body part WHEN your band fails.

It is a FACT, and it has or will happen to you UNLESS you use our Bands, that your current resistance bands will fail. Latex fatigues over time and any number of sharp edges can create a failure point in your bands.

We do have a door mount that should be used when ever you use your Fail-Safe Resistance bands, OR ANY BANDS. The Door Mount creates a safe surface for the band to interact with, prolonging the life of your Resistance Bands!