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Spyder 360™ Wall Mount

$21.00 $29.99 saving $8.99
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Spyder 360™ Wall Mount

$21.00 $29.99 saving $8.99

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Benefits of The Spyder Web™ Wall Mount

1.) Easy Access to your Spyder 360's™

2.) Being Organized Feels Good & Looks Great!

3.) Keeping them Visible will Encourage you to USE THEM EVERYDAY!

What are they made of? Steel and a PVC Coating for the non-slip arms.

How much weight can they support? Up to 45lbs if mounted to wall studs or cinder-block. BUT we do not recommend you use them for anything else except storing your Spyder 360's™ , including the resistance bands and other items as shown.

While you don't need the Spyder Web Wall Mounts to use your Spyder 360's™, they will help you find your Spyder 360's™ when its time to use them.

Gym owners requested we develop a solution like this. They tell us that clients see them and ask to use them, stating "I felt that work out all week" What a testimonial!

They are easy to install on most surfaces with the included hardware, and can be mounted side by side or vertically, depending upon your space allowances.

"We also store our Resistance bands, handles, and Nylon bag for our Spyders on the mounts, This keeps items from being disbursed into random drawers or bins and allows us to keep our gym organized!" We knew this was a valuable idea for us and we are pleased that others see the same benefits.