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The best way to see how you can implement The Spyder 360's™ into your daily workouts is in our videos! Here you will learn about body orientation, see how play can prepare you for the new dynamic The Spyder 360™ brings to your routine, and what beginner, intermediate, and advanced exercises look like.

Please work at your own pace. You do not want to overdo it when you are just starting out. The Spyder 360™ will challenge your ENTIRE body in ways you have not experienced before.

These are links to our YouTube Channel that have been crafted as an Introduction to The Spyder 360™

  1. Body Orientation
  2. Play & Surface Resistance
  3. Beginner Exercises
  4. Intermediate Exercises
  5. Advanced Exercises
  6. Stretching with The Spyder 360™


This is just a starting point and as we grow we will introduce more options. The next set of videos will include several examples of you can add the Resistance Bands into the equation and add even more value to The Spyder 360™ platform.

Here are two video series that show you some options for using the Resistance Bands with your Spyder 360's™

  1. Series A-1
  2. Series A-2
  3. Series A-3
  4. Series B-1
  5. Series B-2
  6. Series B-3


Your feedback is valuable to us, please reach out to us if you have any ideas or feedback!


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