Testimonials: Don't take our word for it.

Trust those who have nothing to gain from it!

"We use our Spyder 360's with all of our Athletes. They are such a simple concept yet they can be used to work any muscle group in different ways. They started benefiting my athletes from day 1."

The Spyder 360™ is "The Swiss Army Knife of Ab Wheels"

Personal Trainer Dave Kempfert of STARpt at D1 Sports Training in Nashville has used The Spyder 360™ with his clients to assist in recuperating shoulder, elbow, neck, knee, and hip injuries.

Cancel your gym membership — this one gadget is like a full gym

"I have never seen another piece of equipment that can do what The Spyder 360™ can do. The range of motion, the applications in Rehabilitation, Strength Training, and Personal Training are unmatched"

“Our players and staff love The Spyder 360™. The versatility they offer saves us money, time, and space over all the products it replaced. We can transition our student athletes from strength building exercises to stretching routines using the same tool, again saving a lot of time and space.”


We have used equipment that broke or bent after a few months of heavy use. So, when we selected the materials for The Spyder 360™, we spared no expense.

Fiber Glass Filed Nylon & Steel fill every inch of The Spyder 360's™.

In-Hand or Under-Foot, you will build your stability / strength / power / confidence with each repetition.


"I use my Spyders to target my obliques, lower abs, and chest. I have not found anything else that targets my lower abs like the Spyder. I'm DONE with sit-ups & crunches!"

"Each surface changes the experience with The Spyder. From Astro-Turf, to Rubber Floors, and even Wood, I'm NOT worried about the floor, I think about how sore I will be tomorrow!"

"The difference between just one Spyder and an Ab Wheel or Slider is miles apart. I was knocked out by how smooth they rolled on my carpet at home. I use one to warm up my shoulders before a shoulder or chest workout."

Here you can see the different types of surfaces The Spyder 360™ can work on! Astroturf, Wood, Rugs, Carpet, Rubber, Gymnastics Matts, Concrete, Tile, and other surfaces will NOT stop the Spyder 360™!

Empowering Teams & Individuals

Coaches, Trainers, & Individuals use The Spyder 360™ to improve Stability & Strengthen their Core.

Spyder 360 is a perfect Cross-Fit

"I didn't think twice about integrating the Spyder 360's into the Cross-Fit location I own and run. Change is THE cornerstone of any Cross-Fit program, and the Spyders fit perfectly into that approach to training." 

James Hurlburt, Owner of Cross-Fit Cool Springs in Franklin TN.

Sports Physio-Therapist & Rehab

DAVE KEMPFERT, FORMER NFL PLAYER & DIRECTOR OF REHABILITATION SERVICES at the Bone and Joint Institute of Tennessee in Franklin, TN.

He has used The Spyder 360's for rehabilitation & strength training techniques with his patients/athletes who have shoulder, elbow, knee, hip and lumbar spine injuries.

"There are a lot of junk, hyped up products out there, that we get sold on. The Spyders are something I believe in because of their versatility in terms of application and benefit for my patients."

Bryan McComb: Boxing Trainer

"They are amazing, I see so many possibilities for my athletes. I train boxers, I train fighters, I will be using these with the coaches I train, and their athletes."