The Spyder 360™

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The Spyder 360™

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The Spyder 360™

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"We use our Spyder 360's with all of our Athletes. They are such a simple concept yet they can be used for so many purposes. They started benefiting my athletes from day 1."

"I have never seen another piece of Equipment that can do what The Spyder 360™ can do. The range of motion, the applications in Rehabilitation, Strength Training, and Personal Training are unmatched"

“Our players and staff love The Spyder 360™. The versatility they offer saves us money, time, and space over all the products it replaces. We can transition them from strength building exercises to stretching routines using the same tool, again saving a lot of time and space.”

Personal Trainer Dave Kempfert of STARpt at D1 Sports Training in Nashville has used The Spyder 360™ with his clients to assist in recuperating shoulder, elbow, neck, knee, and hip injuries.

Unlimited Range of Motion™

- They easily roll on Carpet, they WILL NOT damage wood floors, even NFL AstroTurf won't Stop them! They even roll on Soft Yoga Mats!

- "The Spyders feel different on each surface, which creates a lot of value for me and my student athletes." Vanderbilt Athletics Coach.

Here you can see the different types of surfaces The Spyder 360™ can work on! Astroturf, Wood, Rugs, Carpet, Rubber, Gymnastics Matts, Concrete, Tile, and other surfaces will NOT stop the Spyder 360™!

World Champion Approved

Ray Beltran - World Champion Boxer: "Being able to work in all planes, across the entire body, in an irregular fashion will build your stability / strength / power / flexibility / and confidence." 

The Spyder 360's™ are low impact, so your joints won't ache after prolonged use, unlike what you might experience with many popular workouts. "There are dozens of modifications so even beginners can use them." Bryan McComb - Boxing Trainer


Glass Filed Nylon & Steel fill every inch of The Spyder 360's™. In-Hand or Under-Foot, you will start to build your stability / strength / power / flexibility / confidence in a way you can NOT duplicate with anything else. NEVER look back at the person you use to be.

This is an image of The Spyder 360™ separated into two parts, the Handle and Base. It identifies the materials, Steel, Glass Filled Nylon, and TPU Rubber, that comprise the components. Remove the Handle from The Spyder 360™ for easy foot engagement.

    Gripping Nubs and Treads reduce slipping when your feet are engaged with the Base of The Spyder 360's™ The Components are made of Fiber Glass Filled Nylon, which is a common replacement for steel and other metals.

    This picture of the Base of The Spyder 360™ shows it has gripping Nubs and Treads to keep your foot from slipping out. The Resistance Band Ring is made of Zinc Plated Steel to prevent rust and is a key feature to engage Resistance Bands.

    The Anti-Snap Resistance bands make The Spyder 360's™ much more versatile and user friendly. Add various levels of resistance from any angle quickly and easily with the Best in Class Carabiner Clips.

    This image shows how the resistance bands clip onto the base of The Spyder 360™ giving the user freedom to add resistance from any angle.

    Each component has a purpose. Use the handles separately like push up bars to reduce the strain on your wrists. Use the Base separately for easier foot engagement.

    This image is of the Spyder 360™ in its two main assemblies. The Handle and The Base. The Base can be used separately for easier foot engagement, and the Handles can be used like push up bars if you have wrist issues!

Engineered to last a Lifetime

Quality in Every Component

  • Materials

    Fiber Glass filled Nylon sets The Spyder 360's™ apart from any other fitness product. "We didn't Engineer them to fail." Nylon is commonly used as a replacement for steel and other metals.

  • Wheels

    "Each wheel can support 110lbs." They are rated to last for 15yrs when used on smooth surfaces like Astro-Turf, Wood, Cork, Rubber, Carpet, Foam, Tile, Marble, & Gym Mats.

  • Strength

    Each Base Assembly can support up to 1200lbs. Although we DO NOT recommend anyone over 400lbs use them. "We didn't skimp on materials or quality for any of the components."

  • Full Body Engagement

    "The Spyders are more than a core building power house." They are also a full body workout. Separate the Handle from the Base and Add Resistance Bands from any angle!