"We use our Spyder 360's with all of our Athletes. They are such a simple concept yet they can be used to work any muscle group in different ways. They started benefiting my athletes from day 1."

Personal Trainer Dave Kempfert of STARpt at D1 Sports Training in Nashville has used The Spyder 360™ with his clients to assist in recuperating shoulder, elbow, neck, knee, and hip injuries.

"I have never seen another piece of equipment that can do what The Spyder 360™ can do. The range of motion, the applications in Rehabilitation, Strength Training, and Personal Training are unmatched"

“Our players and staff love The Spyder 360™. The versatility they offer saves us money, time, and space over all the products it replaced. We can transition our student athletes from strength building exercises to stretching routines using the same tool, again saving a lot of time and space.”

Built to Last a Lifetime!

User Friendly for ALL Skill Levels

Fiber Glass Filed Nylon & Steel fill every inch of The Spyder 360's™. In-Hand or Under-Foot, you will start to build your stability / strength / power / confidence.

World Champion Approved

Bryan McComb - World Champion Trainer: "Being able to work in all planes, across the entire body, builds my fighters Strength / Power / Agility / Motor Skills."

At Home on ANY Surface!

The Spyder 360's feel different on each surface, which creates a lot of value for my student athletes." Darren Edgington - Vanderbilt University Athletics

Here you can see the different types of surfaces The Spyder 360™ can work on! Astroturf, Wood, Rugs, Carpet, Rubber, Gymnastics Matts, Concrete, Tile, and other surfaces will NOT stop the Spyder 360™!

Dave Kempfert: Pro Sports Therapist: NFL/NBA/MLB/NHL

Former NFL Football Player; Now Physical Therapist & Director at STARpt of D1 Sports Training in Franklin, TN. He has used The Spyder 360's for rehabilitation & strength training techniques for his patients/athletes who have shoulder, elbow, knee, hip and lumbar spine injuries.

James Hurlburt: Cross-Fit Owner

James Hurlburt, Owner of CrossFit CoolSprings in Franklin TN. James usesThe Spyder 360's with the members of his CrossFit Box. His feedback went right into making The Spyder 360s even better!

Bryan McComb: Boxing Trainer

Bryan is a World Class Trainer/Coach for Ray Beltran, Current WBO World Champion, amongst many others. He is also a coaches coach, as he works with NBA coaches like Bill Burgos, Head Strength Coach for The Orlando Magic.