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Benefits of using The Spyder 360™

1.) Total Core Training without doing Sit-Ups or Crunches.

2.) Can be used on ANY SURFACE, Even Wood, Astro-Turf, or Grass.

3.) Think TRX / Suspension Training without needing an Anchor Point.

Level 2 Includes: Everything you see here; Two Spyder 360's (2 Bases & 2 Handles); One Knee Pad; One Exercise Guide; Three Resistance Bands, Two Wrist/Ankle/Foot Straps; Two handles, One Door Anchor, & One Nylon Bag (Not Shown) to store everything in. We also have a YouTube channel. So you can SEE the exercises being performed!

Components:  1.) Anti-Snap Resistance Bands; These Bands were designed with both functionality and safety in mind. The large carabiner clips allow for easy engagement onto the Spyders themselves, between stationary objects, and with the included door anchor. The included handles, and straps allow you to work out in the comfort of your hotel room when you are traveling. Because you don’t want to skip a workout. 2.) The Spyders naturally roll in any direction which immediately engages your stabilizer muscles, your entire core, and your mind from the moment you start using them. 3.) The Wheels on the Spyders are friendly to ANY surface, YES, even wood floors and carpet! Sliders can’t do that. Sliders also require you to push them where you want them to go, which engages your muscles in a different way. The Spyders can do that too, just use them on a soft surface like carpet instead of a hard surface like wood. 4.) The wheels: DO NOT require maintenance. They are made of a semi-soft rubber "tire" with a steel frame that can support up to 110lbs each! In total that is 660lbs of weight! ...BUT! We put the entire product under a load test and it took 2880lbs of force to break them. 5.) The Handles are removable, allowing you to place your feet onto the anti-slip base so you can perform hundreds of lower body exercises, dynamic movements, stretches, and stability exercises with this incredibly strong, simple, and versatile tool. 6.) The anti-slip depression is an intentional design feature. It lowers the center of gravity, making the Spyders ultra stable on any surface. 7.) The Handles have a steel rod running through the center of them and they can be used separately like a pair of push up bars! This reduces the strain on your wrists when performing a variety of exercises, including but not limited to push-ups, pikes, Mt. Climbers, seal walks, etc.

Many exercises that you can perform with The Spyder 360’s don’t just engage your abs, they engage your entire body from the moment you start using them.

The KEY to seeing continued physical growth is CHANGE! If you perform the same exercises, with the same cadence, and range of motion, you will stagnate. This is exactly why there are so many different pieces of fitness equipment in the gym, to reduce the plateau effect and keep you mentally engaged.

What equipment does the Spyder 360 replace? The Ab Wheel, Push Up Bars, Slide Boards, Ab Dolly, Dumb bells, Perfect Push up, Stabilization Push Up Bars, Ab Carver, Sliders and Gliders, Pulley Machines, and many other pieces of equipment that can only do one thing! Who has money to waste on all those different products?

The Exercise Guide: Begins with an Introduction to The Spyder 360’s™, then moves on to the Beginner, Intermediate, & Advanced Exercises, PLUS some stretching. We also have a YouTube channel. So you can SEE the exercises being performed!

The Materials: are primarily Fiber Glass Filled Nylon, not abs plastic like other fitness products. They are engineered to be incredibly stable, versatile, rugged, and the Base Assembly (Shown Upper Left) is rated to support up to 400lbs.

The Handle: Is Removable so you can use the Base by itself and the Handles have a Rubber Grip, NO FOAM Handle here. The Green core of the handle has a Steel Rod running through the center of it. Stand on the Handle Assembly to reach the top shelf. OK, Don't Do That! BUT you can use them like a pair of Push Up Bars if you have wrist pain when you perform push-ups or other exercises with the Spyders on your feet!

The Nut & Bolt: Is used to connect the Handle to the Base. We all lose stuff, so we decided to give you 1 Extra Nut & Bolt. Just in Case you do too.

The Wheels: Can support 110lbs EACH, and even if you load them with up to 250lbs they will NOT damage wood floors, trust us we tried it at home. They roll smoothly over grout on tile floor and they are right at home on NFL thickness Astro-Turf. We want you to know that they can handle anything you throw at them. If you break or bend a wheel, you worked hard to do it, fortunately we engineered them to be easily replaced. To get the longest life out of your wheels, use them on smooth surfaces. Polished Concrete is good, but rough concrete will wear them out faster. Wood, Rubber, & Carpet are perfect for a long-life span.

The Resistance Bands: Add one hundred plus exercises and variations to the mix. They are Anti-Snap, to keep you safe if the Band is ever cut or damaged.

The Handles & Straps: Turn your resistance bands into a traveling gym so you don't miss a workout.

The Door Anchor: provides a secure location to attach your resistance bands too. Just in case you don't have a 300lb piece of equipment at home!