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LEVEL 2 - The Spyder 360™

LEVEL 2 - The Spyder 360™

LEVEL 2 - The Spyder 360™


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LEVEL 2 Includes: A Pair of Spyders; One Knee Pad; One Exercise Guide; Three Resistance Bands, Two Wrist/Ankle Straps; Two handles, One Door Anchor, & One Nylon Bag to store everything in. (Our Exercise Guide is best in Video Format! Check out our YouTube channel)

Benefit: You know how Valuable Level 1 is, adding the Anti-Snap Resistance Bands is a wise choice. The Resistance Bands take your Spyder 360’s™ to places no other device can go. The number of exercises you can now do has risen Exponentially. With the Included Handles & Door Anchor, you can take them on the road with you so you don’t miss your workout. Let’s talk about the Anti-Snap feature. Getting hit with a Band can be painful, trust us. The extra money is worth it. They come with a set of handles, straps, and door anchor, SO you don’t have to use the hotel gym when you travel. Who knows when they cleaned all that equipment, PLUS working out in the comfort of your own room gives you the confidence to work at your own pace and not feel intimidated by anyone else in the gym.

The Spyder 360’s™ can be used on any surface and WILL NOT damage wood floors or leave any residue behind on carpet. The Wheels require NO MAINTENANCE and will last you a lifetime when used on Carpet, Rubber, Wood, and other smooth surfaces.

LIFETIME WARRANTY: Your Spyder 360's™ come with a 1yr Warranty. The Lifetime Warranty is available for an additional $24.99. Run them over, drop them off a building, no problem. Pay to return your damaged Spyders to us (As a Pair) and we will send you a new set at our Cost. (2 events per product lifetime)

The Workout Guide: Begins with an Introduction to The Spyder 360’s™, then moves on to the Beginner, Intermediate, & Advanced Workouts, PLUS some stretching. Due to the complexity of describing an exercise, we will substitute the paper guide with Videos which are available on our YouTube channel.

The Materials: The Spyder 360’s™ are primarily made of are Fiber Glass Filled Nylon, NOT ABS PLASTIC. They are engineered to be incredibly versatile, rugged, and the Base Assembly (Shown Upper Left) can support up to 750lbs.

The Handle: is Removable so you can use the Base by itself. TPU Rubber Grip, NOT FOAM. ABS Plastic Core with a Steel Rod running through the center. Easily use the Handle Assembly to reach the top shelf. OK, Don't Do That. BUT you can use them like a pair of Push Up Bars if you have wrist issues.

The Nut & Bolt: is used to connect the Handle to the Base & We lose stuff all the time, you will get 1 Extra Nut & Bolt. Just in Case you do too.

The Wheels: can support 110lbs each. No joke. We want you to know that they can handle anything you throw at them. If you break or Bend one, you worked hard to do it. Replacements can be purchased and are easily replaced. To get the longest life out of your wheels, use them on smooth surfaces. Polished Concrete is good, but rough concrete will wear them out faster. Wood, Rubber, & Carpet are perfect for a long-life span.

The Resistance Bands: Add one hundred plus exercises and variations to the mix. They are Anti-Snap, to keep you safe if the Band is ever cut or damaged. These things can happen, we have experienced it ourselves with lesser bands.

The Handles & Straps: are great when you are traveling or at home. Traveling with a single Spyder is not cumbersome.

Door Anchor: When on the road in a hotel or at home, the Door Anchor provide a secure location to attach your resistance bands.

*Disclosure: Product design may change once in production

Product Feature Focus

LEVEL 2 - The Spyder 360™
  • 6 Strong, "Soft", Stable Wheels

    Unlike other products that have 3 wheels to increase their margin, I focused on stability, functionality, and a friendly approach to ANY surface! & No Maintenance!

  • Wide Rubber Grip

    Engineered to instill confidence and refined through user research. What "Feels" right for an Line Backer won't work for a Gymnast. Anthropometric Data = Form.

  • Functional Knee pad

    Thin knee pads are pretty much useless and never get used. Ours is almost an inch thick, uses an eco friendly material, and doesn't go flat, it makes a difference!

  • Anti-Snap Resistance Bands

    Low impact exercise will not go out of style, longevity and quality of  life are important. The Bands also have an Anti-Snap feature to keep you safe.

Technical specifications

  • Build Materials

    Fiber Glass Filled Nylon and Steel define a new standard for Fitness Equipment. I am tired of products breaking right after the Warranty Ended. So I built mine to Last a Lifetime™

  • Value in Design

    I have been told my product is under-priced. Tell that the to Mom, Soldier, Young Athlete, Parent who wants a full body workout and can't afford to buy another piece of equipment.

  • TPU Rubber Handle

    Unlike Foam Handles or other materials that get tacky. The Spyder handles are engineered to live up to the harsh environments they will face everyday, and some that no one ever thought they would face.