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Spyder 360™ Level 2

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Benefits of using The Spyder 360™

1.) LOW impact on your joints.

2.) Total Body Workout with one Strong and Durable Fitness Tool.

3.) Only buy them ONCE! If the Grey Nylon or Steel breaks, we will replace them.


What You Get: Everything you see Here! A pair of Spyder 360's; A Pair of Spyder Wall mounts; One Thick Foam Knee Pad; Three Fail-Safe™ Resistance Bands. One of Each Resistance Level - 10lb, 15lb, & 20lb; 3 Green Nuts & Bolts (1 Extra in case you lose one); One User Guide; One Door Anchor; & One Nylon Bag to store these accessories in.


Q.) What surfaces can I use them on?
A.) Use them on ANY SURFACE! Wood, Carpet, Astro-Turf, Rubber Floors, & MORE!

Q.) What is the Warranty?
A.) Only buy them ONCE! If the Grey Nylon or Steel breaks, we will replace them.

Q.) Are they Stable?
A.) Perfectly, On any Surface! The pocket in the base was designed to lower the center of gravity AND give your feet a place to settle.

Easter Egg: Use code Smith10 to save an additional 10% at checkout.

Additional Benefits of using The Spyder 360™

1.) Total Core Training+ without Sit-Ups or Crunches.

2.) They can be used on ANY SURFACE! Wood, Carpet, AstroTurf, even Grass!

3.) Think Suspension Training without needing an Anchor Point.


WE SET THE STANDARD. We designed & Engineered the Spyder 360’s™ to Last a Lifetime. Look at our Warranty! Few products offer a Warranty longer than 90 days! You should ask yourself WHY is that the best they can offer!


We have a YouTube channel! So you can SEE the exercises/movements being performed!

Variety is the Corner Stone of Growth! The Spyder 360™ engages your entire body more effectively than 8 other pieces of equipment combined. DON’T do another crunch or sit-up again! The Spyder 360™ engages your entire core, NOT just your abs.

When you first use your Spyder 360's, you will understand WHY they are designed the way they are. You will feel confident that you won’t tip over even when pushing yourself to perform the hardest exercises. They are whisper quiet, so you won’t disturb others if you use them while watching a movie/TV at home. The $$ Savings over those other 8 pieces of equipment are WELL WORTH the purchase.

The Spyder 360's™ are easy to travel with at just 3.4lbs each! Now you can take 1 Spyder with you when you travel. Get a full body workout with JUST 1 SPYDER 360™ in the comfort of your hotel Room!


The KEY to growth is CHANGE! If you perform the similar exercises, at a similar cadence, and range of motion, your muscles will stagnate. This is another reason why there are so many different pieces of fitness equipment in the gym.

What equipment does the Spyder 360 replace? The Ab Wheel, Push Up Bars, Slide Boards, Ab Dolly, Dumb bells, Perfect Push up, Stabilization Push Up Bars, Ab Carver, Sliders and Gliders, Pulley Machines, and many other pieces of equipment that can only do one thing! Who has money to waste on all those different products?


The Spyder 360’s™ can be used on any surface and WILL NOT damage wood floors or leave any residue behind on carpet. The Wheels require NO MAINTENANCE and will last you a lifetime when used on Carpet, Rubber, Wood, and other smooth surfaces.

The User Guide: Begins with an Introduction to The Spyder 360’s™, then moves on to the Beginner, Intermediate, & Advanced Workouts, PLUS some stretching. Due to the complexity of describing an exercise, we will supplement the paper guide with Videos which are available on our YouTube channel.

The Materials: The Spyder 360’s™ are primarily made of are Fiber Glass Filled Nylon, NOT ABS PLASTIC like many fitness products. Each Spyder can support over 1,000 lbs. We tested it in our own home. And a drop from over 30ft! Check out our Drop Test Video!

The Handle Assembly: is Removable so you can use the Base by itself, has a Rubber Grip, which always ensures a comfortable and confident grip, and even has a Steel Rod at its core. Use the Handle Assembly as a stepping stool to reach the top shelf. OK, Don't Do That. BUT you can use them like a pair of Push Up Bars to reduce the strain on your wrists.

Nuts & Bolts: are used to connect the Handle to the Base. Just in case you lose one, we added 1 Extra Nut & Bolt! We thought about this stuff!

The Wheels: can support 110lbs each! No joke. That is 660lbs of support on top of each Spyder!

We want you to know that they can handle anything you throw at them. If you break or Bend one, you worked hard to do it. Replacement wheels can be purchased and are easy install. To get the longest life out of your wheels, use them on smooth surfaces. Polished Concrete is great, but rough concrete will wear the wheels and make them rough. If you do this, we would not recommend using them inside on real wood floors. Wood, Rubber, & Carpet are perfect for a long-life span.


Benefits of The Spyder Web™ Wall Mount

1.) Easy Access to your Spyder 360's™

2.) Being Organized Feels Good & Looks Great!

3.) Keeping them Visible will Encourage you to USE THEM EVERYDAY!


What are they made of? Steel and a PVC Coating for the non-slip arms.

How much weight can they support? Up to 45lbs if mounted to wall studs or cinderblock. BUT we do not recommend you use them for anything else except storing your Spyder 360's™, including the resistance bands and other items as shown.

While you don't need the Spyder Web Wall Mounts to use your Spyder 360's™, they will help you find your Spyder 360's™ when it’s time to use them.

Gym owners requested we develop a solution like this. They tell us that clients see their Spyder 360's and ask to use them, stating "I felt that work out all week" What a testimonial!

They are easy to install on most surfaces with the included hardware, and can be mounted side by side or vertically, depending upon your space allowances.

"We also store our Resistance bands, handles, and Nylon bag for our Spyders on the mounts, this keeps items from being disbursed into random drawers or bins and allows us to keep our gym organized!" We knew this was a valuable idea for us and we are pleased that others see the same benefits.



Ever use an Ab Wheel? Of course, right. And That’s great for linear movements, but it’s extremely LIMITING, AND that gets BORING FAST! Plus the handles are made of FOAM that disintegrates over time. To TOP all of that off, YOU CAN ONLY USE AN AB WHEEL IN YOUR HANDS! Limiting your results!

This didn’t happen overnight. For years, our Engineers and Designers tested dozens of wheels, components materials, and bands to make the best Ab Wheel+ out there, and then they decided to Engineer their own Bands, Wheels, and select the highest grade of Nylon plastic and Steel for the entire product. It cost us more, but we knew from experience how quickly other rolling devices fell apart, stopped working, or stopped being used because they are so limiting.

Beside the AWESOME MATERIALS, we set out to make the most versatile and functional Ab Wheel+ that you could find. ALL WHILE KEEPING THE PRICE COMPETITIVE when compared to other rolling devices.

WE SET THE STANDARD when others just wanted to make money. We keep our prices low, simply compare our competitor’s component pricing method to our ALL-IN packages. We didn’t try and CLICK BAIT you into buying more than you need, want, or will use.