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Benefits of using The Spyder 360™

1.) Total Core Training without doing Sit-Ups or Crunches.

2.) Can be used on ANY SURFACE, Even Wood, Astro-Turf, or Grass.

3.) Think TRX / Suspension Training without needing an Anchor Point.

LEVEL 1 Includes: Everything you see here; Two Spyder 360's (2 Bases & 2 Handles); One Knee Pad; One Resistance Band; One Door Anchor, & One Nylon Bag (Not Shown) to store everything in. We also have a YouTube channel. So you can SEE the exercises being performed!

The Spyder 360™ engages your entire body more effectively than 8 other pieces of equipment combined. DON’T do another crunch or sit-up again! The Spyder 360™ engages your entire core, NOT just your abs. The stability of our design instills confidence so you know that you won’t tip over even when pushing yourself to perform the hardest exercises. They are whisper quiet so you won’t disturb others if you use them while watching a movie/TV at home. The $$ Savings over those other 8 pieces of equipment are WELL WORTH the purchase. The Spyders are portable and light at 3lbs each, so you can take 1 Spyder with you when you travel and you can perform a hundred exercises with JUST 1 SPYDER in the comfort of your hotel Room! I would Always recommend jumping up to Level 2, The Bands add so much value you WILL NOT REGRET IT. Also, READ about the materials used to create The Spyder 360’s™.

BONUS: A single resistance band and door anchor have been added to this package!

The Spyder 360’s™ can be used on any surface and WILL NOT damage wood floors or leave any residue behind on carpet. The Wheels require NO MAINTENANCE and will last you a lifetime when used on Carpet, Rubber, Wood, and other smooth surfaces.

The Workout Guide: Begins with an Introduction to The Spyder 360’s™, then moves on to the Beginner, Intermediate, & Advanced Workouts, PLUS some stretching. Due to the complexity of describing an exercise, we will substitute the paper guide with Videos which are available on our YouTube channel.

The Materials: The Spyder 360’s™ are primarily made of are Fiber Glass Filled Nylon, NOT ABS PLASTIC. They are engineered to be incredibly versatile, rugged, and the Base Assembly (Shown Upper Left) can support up to 750lbs.

The Handle: is Removable so you can use the Base by itself. TPU Rubber Grip, NOT FOAM. ABS Plastic Core with a Steel Rod running through the center. Easily use the Handle Assembly to reach the top shelf. OK, Don't Do That. BUT you can use them like a pair of Push Up Bars if you have wrist issues.

The Nut & Bolt: is used to connect the Handle to the Base & We lose stuff all the time, you will get 1 Extra Nut & Bolt. Just in Case you do too.

The Wheels: can support 110lbs each. No joke. We want you to know that they can handle anything you throw at them. If you break or Bend one, you worked hard to do it. Replacements can be purchased and are easily replaced. To get the longest life out of your wheels, use them on smooth surfaces. Polished Concrete is good, but rough concrete will wear them out faster. Wood, Rubber, & Carpet are perfect for a long-life span.