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Do you ship Internationally?

Do you ship Internationally?

Yes! We can direct you to a company that will ship your order to you.

Due the volume we ship, we don't meet the threshold required to get an excellent International shipping rate. And we don't want you to overspend on shipping!

We have seen over 500 people order internationally and most of them have used a company called www.MyUs.com

How do you get your order shipped through MyUs.com?

Step 1: Go to their website and create a profile with them. They will provide you with a local USA address for us to ship to.

Step 2: Come back to our website and place your order! For the billing address, use your address. For the shipping address, use the address they gave you!

Link to MyUs.com

We are not affiliated with them in any way and do not get any money for directing you to their web site.


You will need to know the box sizes and weights when you visit the MyUs website.


Both Spyder 360™ levels come in the same size box but the weight is different.

Size: LxWxH (inches)

Level 1 & 2: 13" x 13" x 8"



The Spyder 360™ Level 1 is 10 lbs 6oz

The Spyder 360™ Level 2 is 11 lbs 6oz



Thank you for your interest in The Spyder 360


Best Regards,

Jonathan Smith

Inventor of The Spyder 360™


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