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The LA Times calls The Spyder 360™ "The Swiss Army Knife of Ab Rollers!"

The LA Times calls The Spyder 360™ "The Swiss Army Knife of Ab Rollers!"

LA Times calls The Spyder 360™ "The Swiss Army Knife of Ab Rollers!" LA Times Health & Fitness Columnist Roy M. Wallack had the opportunity to test & review The Spyder 360™ at IHRSA in Los Angeles. "The ingenious Spyder 360 adds resistance for upper and lower body workouts and core work."

Link to Article on LA Times Web Site!

Imagine being able to move your hands and feet freely in any direction! Imagine not having the back pain that is associated with sit-ups and crunches. Imagine a core training device that is so stable they can be used with one hand!

Imagine being able to perform hundreds of different movements with the same tool, and not having to buy multiple attachments, or use it on certain surfaces and not others.

When you are ready to stop wasting time with that ab wheel, step up to a Total Core Training tool that takes conventional ab training and turns it upside down. We can't do the same things over and over again and expect to keep seeing results. CHANGE is key to growth and The Spyder 360™ gives you the freedom to move your hands and feet in any direction! 


Why does that matter? Because performing the same movements over and over stagnates our growth as our muscles and mind become complacent once they level up to the challenge. That is exactly why The Spyder 360 is so valuable to athletes and individuals who have reached a plateau, they can make simple changes that have a big impact on their performance.

Add resistance bands from any angle, either between the Spyders themselves or between the Spyders and a stationary object in order to assist, resist, or define a stable location. Ever done a sided resisted ab roll out? How about a resisted ab roll out? OR have you performed a push up when the surface your hands were on wanted to move but you had to hold it still?

Swim Coaches love The Spyder 360's because they can watch their swimmers perform the same movements they would perform in the water. With the addition of resistance bands they can change where the challenge comes from and turn their athletes weaknesses into strengths.

Every Strength Coach, Athletic Trainer, Olympic Training Coach, Physical Therapist, Personal Trainer, Agility Coach, Speed Coach, etc can impact their athletes in a positive way by using The Spyder 360 for just 10 minutes a day!


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