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What comes with the Level 1 package?

What comes with the Level 1 package?

The Level 1 Package Includes: Everything you see in these pictures; A pair of Spyder 360's; A Pair of Spyder Wall mounts, One THICK Foam Knee Pad; One Fail-Safe™ 10lb Resistance Band; 3 Green Nuts & Bolts; One User Guide; One Door Anchor; & One Nylon Bag to store these last few items in.

Q: What is the benefit of using The Spyder 360 or the Ab Wheel?

A: The Spyders are perfectly stable, you can use them with one hand so your second hand can be on the ground! You get two Spyders! Now you and your spouse or friend can challenge each other! They are perfectly balanced and you can add Resistance Bands for assistance or resistance! Yo ucan also use them on any surface, They will NOT DAMAGE wood floors! Check this video ans see for yourself!

The Spyders Roll in every direction, which gives you a lot of Freedom. Like a chair with a missing leg, they move toward your weak side, helping you Strengthen Your Weakness!


Q: What are they made of?

A: They are made of 15% Fiberglass Filled Nylon. Which is many times more durable and impact resistant than ABS plastics. We made them strong so that they will last your entire lifetime. Here is a video of where I threw them off a building! They just bounced.


Q: Why do I need a Door Anchor?

A: You need a place to secure your resistance band! If you have a heavy steel bench or are at the Gym, you don't need it! Just wrap the band around the base of a piece of equipment, make sure there are no sharp edges, and they will be secure!


Q: Is the Knee Pad one of those cheap things that fall apart?

A: NO! The knee pad is over half an inch thick and is made of NBR Foam, which is more environmentally friendly. It will keep your knees safe and give your arms a break when needed! Plus, it wont fall apart like those other knee pads.


Q: Will the Wheels damage my Wood Floor?

A: No they will NOT! The material was specifically selected to protect your wood floors. If you use them on rubber, wood, tile, or carpet, the wheels will last for years.


Q: How do the Handle lock onto the Base?

A: There is a nut and bolt that secure them together! The nut is bright green so that if you drop it, you can easily find it. There are also 3 Nuts and 3 Bolts included! Just in case you lose one.


Q: Can I use the handles separately?

A: Yes you can. They were designed to be used separately like a par of push up bars. The handle has a rubber grip, which is both comfortable and ergonomically designed for different size hands.


Q: Can the Base be used Separately?

A: Absolutely! They were designed to work like this! The depression in the center of the base lowers the center of gravity so that you are as stable as possible. You can also put your foot on on the ends of the legs and still retain balance. BUT it is suggested that you center your foot on the base. There are gripping nubs and treads that keep your foot from slipping!


Q: How much is shipping?

A: Shipping is FREE in the USA! And all orders placed before 5pm ship the same day!