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How Strong are these things? Aren't they just plastic?

How Strong are these things? Aren't they just plastic?

See for your self if These Spyders 360 things break after being dropped off a 70 foot roof top! Click for 60 second video of Extreme Drop Test.

We didn't make a product that breaks! We built a tank of a product! Imagine knowing that you bought the best core trainer on the market!

With thought and precision we designed a fitness product that would strengthen and tone your abs, legs, chest, back, shoulders, calves, forearms, and the rest of your body.

Q: Why Would you do that?

A: Because we bought things that broke and it pissed us off! Companies make things to break in a certain amount of time, We chose NOT to do that. You worked hard for the money you make and we value that effort. So we made a product that was incredibly strong and can be used to perform over 150 exercises.

Q: What are they made of?

A: Fiber Glass reinforced Nylon. This material is commonly used to replace steel and other metal components in the automotive industry in order to reduce weight while NOT compromising on strength.

Q: What about the wheels? Where are those?

A: We knew the wheels would bend if we dropped them from this height. Even though they can support over 100lbs each, we didn't want to be cruel.