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Custom Stickers or Branding Option

Custom Stickers or Branding Option

If you are looking for custom stickers for your Spyder 360's™ or for a future order, please contact us directly: CustomerService@TheSpyder360.com

Make your subject line: Custom Stickers - Your Brand Name or Identifier

Here is an example of some options we have made for users, coaches, and trainers.

Custom Spyder 360 logos and color options

The more you need the better your unit prices will be. Minimum orders are for 10 Large Stickers and 28 small stickers for $100.00 This will give you enough for 2 sets of Spyder 360's™ plus a few extras! (the Spyder 360's™ are sold as sets)


Q: Seems like a high price for a few stickers?

A: Our suppliers have a minimum order quantity, set up, clean up, and tear down costs. We can not bear the costs for those set up fees.


Q: How do I get custom stickers for The Spyder 360's™ I already own?

A: Send us an Ai File (Adobe Illustrator File) along with the Pantone colors so we can ensure color accuracy. We will accept JPG, BUT The Ai file is preferred. Ai Files are created in Adobe Illustrator and will be Vector Art. Unlike Raster Art, such as JPG or BMP, files which are not the best quality for this purpose and the results may be blurry or pixelated.


Q: Can it be my logo and my gym colors?

A: YES! Send us the Ai File (Adobe Illustrator File) of your logo along with the number for each Pantone colors used, and my supplier can match it. We scale the logo, in proportion, and make sure it fits inside of the frame work for the large and small stickers. (We do NOT create any art, your logo must be finalized before you send it to us. Small text may not be ledgeable)


Q: How do I remove the stickers from my Spyder 360's™?

A: If you have a tool set for fixing glasses use the small flat head screw driver to remove and replace the stickers. (If you don't have this small screw driver, you can purchase these at CVS, Walgreen's, or Walmart for roughly $5.) Be sure to remove the adhesive that might be left behind. You should see a silver surface below the sticker. If you see a white surface, the clear dome and label have separated. Be sure to remove the white adhesive label before applying your new stickers.


(Here is a video of how to do it! - Coming Soon)


Q: I have not ordered my Spyder 360's™ yet, can you do this for me and ship them ready to go?

A: YES! Contact us before you place your order so we can discuss your needs and volume. After you purchase your stickers through us, we will order them from our supplier. Once we receive them we will notify you and make sure they are right by sharing a few photos. Once the stickers are approved by you, we will direct you to place your order for your Spyder 360's™ and we will then apply the stickers to your Spyder 360's™ for you and get them shipped!


Q: How long does it take to get the stickers made?

A: It can take up to 10 business days, but most orders have arrived to us in 5 business days.


Q: Then how long does it take to apply them?

A: That depends on how many Spyder 360's™ you ordered. We recently completed an order for 25 sets and it took a few hours to remove the old stickers, (which we do not re-use) apply the new ones, and repackage the Spyder 360's™ for shipment. We remove & replace the stickers from the Spyder 360™ bases and bolts that hold the handle and base together.


Q: What if I want your logo, but with my gyms colors?

A: That is a great idea! And the most popular request. Send us the Pantone color for  your gym and we will get your set ordered after we receive payment for the stickers. The price is still the same, $100.00 for 10 Large Stickers and 28 small stickers. Once we receive them we will inspect them and then mail them to you so you can apply them. Shipping is FREE in the USA.


If you have any other questions, please email us! CustomerService@TheSpyder360.com